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2014 is going to be a difficult year for most people with the cost of living rising rapidly by the day. The costs of fuel up, gas up, electric up, food up, mortgages up, in fact most things seem to be going up of late and so the last thing any business needs is to lose money when simple steps can be taken to combat and potential losses.
Sadly – as the strain on the cost of modern living increases, so does the potential of dishonesty amongst both customers and potentially employees too. You business exists to make profit, so protecting your assets and reducing losses is critically important.

Retail crime cost UK retailers £1.4 billion in 2011/12, equivalent to 130,000 full time retail jobs. This is a 31% increase compared with last year’s survey. Customer theft and fraud made up the largest share of offences by both cost and by the number of incidents, representing 87.8 % and 97.1% of the totals respectively.

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